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Natural heritage

The Regional Natural Park

The “Emerald of the Alps”, as Stendhal called it in the 19th century, became a Regional Nature Park (Parc Naturel Régional) in 1995.

Why choose a Regional Nature Park for your holidays?


Enjoy a region whose wildlife and landscapes are protected by law.

In a Regional Nature Park, and particularly in the Chartreuse, you will be able to enjoy a region whose flora, fauna and landscapes are all protected: the ibex, lynx, chamois, golden eagle, black grouse, round-leaved St John’s wort, Turk’s cap lily, lady’s slipper orchid…

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Despite its small size, the Chartreuse is home to many species, including some rare treasures. Nature lovers will delight in the region’s Espaces Naturels Sensibles (sensitive nature zones) and Réserve Naturelle des Hauts de Chartreuse (Natural Reserve of the High Chartreuse).




You can hike on 1300 kilometres of signposted and well-maintained paths, and discover or rediscover a wealth of other outdoor activities which respect the region’s natural heritage: trail running, cross-country bicycling, donkey-back riding, skiing and summer-time downhill sports…You are bound to find something to keep you occupied.


Discover a local way of life that respects nature

Because its inhabitants, artisans, farmers and producers have a local way of doing things that respects nature. Because they will open their doors to you, reveal their secrets and savoir-faire, and help you to authentically experience life in the Chartreuse.


Benefit from the Park’s brand name, a guarantee of quality

The Park’s brand, a guarantee of quality, is awarded to producers, artisans and providers of accommodation who value the richness of the region’s heritage, work to preserve it, and are eager to share it with you.


Parc naturel régional de Chartreuse : / / 04 76 88 75 20