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Unique savoir-faire

Local businesses

The Chartreuse: small in size, but big in terms of the quality of its businesses


Raidlight is a French brand, created in 1999 by accomplished trail runner and outdoor activities enthusiast, Benoit Laval. It is an innovative producer of clothes, rucksacks, tents and other products aimed at the trail running, running, orienteering and hiking markets. In 2011 it moved to St Pierre de Chartreuse, in the heart of the mountains, where it has developed the concept of the “Trail Workstation” in cooperation with the Chartreuse Regional Nature Park, the local commune, and Cartusiana.

In 2010 Raidlight acquired the “Vertical” brand so as to maintain its high level of innovation, involving in particular the MP+ membrane.


St Pierre de Chartreuse

Tél. +33 4 76 53 35 55


It would be impossible to write about the Chartreuse without mentioning the liqueur that bears its name, and the company that produces it. The famous drink was initially produced in the heart of the mountains at Fourvoirie, close to St Laurent du Pont, but production was shifted to Voiron at the beginning of the 20th century.

Since 1970 the Chartreuse Diffusion company has been in charge of packaging, advertising and selling the products developed by two Carthusian monks.

Chartreuse Diffusion


Tél. 04 76 05 81 77