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Territory sensations

Wild Chartreuse

Lynx, chamois, golden eagles, grouse, Chartreuse vulnerary… Despite their modest extent, the Chartreuse Mountains are home to a huge variety of animals and plants, some very rare. From nature conservation areas to the Hauts de Chartreuse Nature Reserve, the Chartreuse will delight nature lovers.


The heart of the Chartreuse contains a real gem: the Hauts de Chartreuse Nature Reserve. Only accessible by foot, it covers the high plateaux from Mont Granier in the north to the Dent de Crolles in the south.

. By preserving the plateaux’s delicate equilibrium, the Reserve ensures we can all continue to enjoy this superb natural environment. As a result, everyone wins: plants, animals��� and hikers.


Unique liqueurs

130 plants… That is still all we know about the composition of Chartreuse liqueur, as the monks have kept their recipe a closely guarded secret since 1737. Vulnéraire, another liqueur exclusive to the area, is made from Chartreuse vulnerary*. The magic number here is 40: 40 sprigs, 40 lumps of sugar, 40 days.

*Picking is regulated

Martagon lily

A kaleidoscope of flowers

In the spring and early summer, the Chartreuse blossoms with all the colours of the rainbow, from the bright pink caps of martagon lilies to the twinkling stars of Chartreuse vulnerary (unique to the area)…
And not forgetting the area’s 57 species of orchid, including the famous lady’s slipper.

Lady’s slipper

« Fauntastic » !

During your walks in the Chartreuse you may be lucky enough to see roe deer, red deer, chamois and even ibex, which were recently reintroduced. Marmots whistle in alarm before scurrying to their burrows, while grouse shelter under patches of snow and majestic golden eagles soar above their nests in the cliffs.
As for lynx, they have naturally recolonized the area, leading very discreet lives in the forests, so tread softly and keep your eyes peeled…