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Territory sensations

Friendly Chartreuse

Do you know the adage “small is beautiful”? It’s a popular saying in the Chartreuse because the area’s small size is what makes it so wonderful. It is also why it remains an unspoilt destination, where you will enjoy a friendly and festive holiday. Summer or winter, it’s a great place to be!

Heaty eating

Get together with family or friends at a great Chartreuse restaurant and sample the traditional dishes of Savoie and the Dauphiné: Gratin of crozets, croziflette, diot sausages in white wine, gratin Dauphinois, matafans, fondue with morel mushrooms, tartiflette, etc.


Cosy nest

Spend a cosy night in an ���Attic Gîte”

Brel, Icarus and Co

Which mountain range can boast of being Jacques Brel’s adopted home and of celebrating the fact every summer with a festival featuring well-known and emerging artists? Or of being the land of Icarus, who has taken flight again each September for more than 35 years during the competition that bears his name. Battles of Herens cows, Zygomatic Festival (a totally off-the-wall comedy festival), Summer Nights Festival (concerts in unusual places), Les Jeudis de Saint Jean (shows in bistrots), Board’Hell, VTT Givré, Grand Duc – Trail de Chartreuse, Fête de la Neige, Fêtes des Artisans… Come and revel in these events “Made in Chartreuse”

Coupe Icare

I bubble, you bubble…

We all bubble��� both literally and metaphorically. You can bubble in outdoor hot tubs, under the sun or under the stars, in summer or in winter… You can bubble in a Jacuzzi, sauna or hammam, or you can bubble through low-impact aerobics, outdoor relaxation or foot reflexology… and IT DOES YOU GOOD!

Letting off steam in a hot tub!

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