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Territory sensations

Authentic Chartreuse

The Chartreuse would not be what it is today without its history and, most importantly, its people. Farmers, artisans, restaurateurs, hoteliers, sportspeople, walking guides, etc. - these are the people who give the Chartreuse its unique character. They are delighted to open their doors to show you how life is lived in the Chartreuse.

Carthusian monks… shush…

In 1084, during his search for a location for a spiritual retreat, Saint Bruno discovered the peace and mystery of the Chartreuse. He decided to set up a monastery here, appropriating lands and a name from the village of Chartrousse (St Pierre de Chartreuse).
Thus, St Bruno and his six companions formed the Carthusian Order, which now has 24 monasteries around the world.

La Grande Chartreuse monastery

A rich history

Relive centuries of history by visiting the Cave Bear Museum, by exploring the historic site of St Christophe la Grotte with its water worn passageways and “Voie Sarde” Roman road, or by taking the St Hilaire du Touvet funicular railway, one of the world’s oldest tourist railways. Not forgetting the famous Museum of the Grande Chartreuse and the Chartreuse cellars, where you can learn some of the secrets of the famous liqueur and of the men who created

Made in Chartreuse

Traditional crafts have been at the heart of Chartreuse life since time immemorial and the reputation built up by the massif’s wood turners, glove makers, distillers, potters and sculptors, continues to this day. In fact, the people of the Chartreuse have always applied their ingenuity and skill to make the best of the resources Mother Nature provides (earth, wool, stone, wood, etc.). On the Chartreuse Craft and Culture Trail, and along every byway, you will come across these men and women, who will be happy to share with you the fruits of their talent.

Making walking sticks and hiking poles

From pitch fork to table fork

Bring together contented Chartreuse cows, goats or ewes, a farmer who loves his work and a talented cheese maker and the result is bound to be delicious. In fact, the Chartreuse’s excellent dairies produce several mouth-watering cheeses.
The Chartreuse also produces meats that will satisfy the most demanding gourmets (dried beef, saucisson with porcini mushrooms, etc.).
And what better to accompany these delights than a glass of Apremont or Gamay from the vineyards at the foot of Mont Granier?

Tasting Chartreuse cheeses