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Discover “your” Chartreuse

Vineyards and foothills

Do you like wine and its secrets, fortresses and castles? Come to the vineyards and foothills of the Chartreuse, between Grenoble and Chambéry, the two gateways to the mountain range.

On the doorstep of Grenoble and Chambéry

This is a largely agricultural region, just below the cliffs of the Mont Granier and the Dent de Crolles, whose vineyards and market gardens offer an abundance of culinary delights.
Just a few minutes drive from Grenoble and Chambéry, the capitals of Isère and Savoie respectively, this is a great place to stay if you want to combine a quiet rural base with trips to cultural attractions and historic cities.

Tourist Offices :

  • Grésivaudan (Barraux, Bernin, Biviers, Chapareillan, Crolles, La Terrasse, Le Touvet, St Ismier, St Nazaire les Eymes, St Vincent de Mercuze and Ste Marie du Mont)
  • Grenoble (Grenoble, La Tronche, Le Fontanil Cornillon, Meylan and St Egrève)
  • Chambéry (Chambéry, Cognin, St Baldoph, Myans, Les Marches, St Cassin and Vimines).
Vineyards (Chapareillan)
Jardin et Château du Touvet
Lac Saint André (Les Marches)